Running An Effective Home Office Part 1

05 October 2012

For those who have a home office, the flexibility and extra time spent with the family are the most rewarding aspect. It is also much more cost effective than renting or owning a business premises. There are a few potential issues that come with operating out of your house; here are key points to a few main ones.

Now days much communication with customers is done electronically, but what about those times where a face to face meeting is necessary? If you cannot arrange a meeting at the customer’s place of business, you must arrange your space to look professional and efficient.

Ideally, your office needs to be separately from your family surroundings. If possible, have a separate entrance or at least a path to your office that doesn’t go through the kids’ playroom or the kitchen. If this is unavoidable always make sure your home is as clean and tidy as possible, a dirty house is a real turn off for potential clients.

If you need to, meet customers somewhere else, look for “neutral” locations, such as meeting them in a cafe. If you have an ongoing need, see if you can “sublet” or “rent” a meeting space or conference room on an hourly basis. “Executive suite” services — short-term office rentals — often offer hourly rentals as well secretarial services.

A separate business line or mobile is essential if you’re doing business from your home on an ongoing basis. Once your toddler answers a call from your most important client, you’ll see the necessity of a separate line for incoming business calls. If you want to be listed in the Yellow Pages or “business” section of the phone book, many local phone companies require you to have a “business” line.